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29 April 2007
Now supports 46 projects!
Added in the last few days the ability to add Majestic-12 and Dimes stats to your signature. These settings can be found on the 'Manage Projects' page
Also added a new style for the space concious 'Animated 3d' this cycles through the projects displaying your stats. This can be found on the 'Graphic Styles' page.
03 September 2006
Added the number of factors you have found and the total factors found to the RieselSieve individual signatures.
24 August 2006
I have added a "Classic Flat 2d" style to the styles page.
13 July 2006
I have added loads of colours for the background and also allowed for a couple of different heading styles on the styles page.
I will be adding a "forgot password page" in the next couple of days and also adding the contact page in case you have any questions.
22 July 2006
I will be adding a load of new colours in the next few days and that will be followed by a couple of new styles.
12 July 2006
Now supporting 30 different projects. Also added the "Manage Projects" page allowing you to control which projects appear on the signature. This will soon allow you to create "individual project" graphics.
18 June 2006
No real problems found with the update engine so I have added it to all signatures. They will be updated hourly for the time being making them the "Most up-to-date on the planet!"
13 June 2006
The main update engine is being tested. This will allow for updates to happen 4-6 times per day, meaning the stats will be much more accurate and valid.
04 June 2006
Update to the website to give it a "New" look starts.
Instructions to use this facility:
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